About company

Being many years part of a professional team in Maritime Industry, we would like kindly to introduce our organization.

Sea View Marine Ship Management, LLC is licensed by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for manning crewing activities with Certified License № 794.

Sea View Marine Ship Management, LLC  the Best Captain Practices in Maritime Industry, provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships.  We responsible to check and guide crew training, crew placement and general marine management for Offshore Fleet, Dry Cargo Merchant fleet (Bulk Vsl’s; Container Vsl’s; all types of tankers fleet), Cruise ships fleet, Luxury yachts. We are a full service company that creates strong and lasting relationships with clients and crew internationally around the global. SV Marine builds relationships with our clients and understands and anticipates their needs. Our reputation in providing the very highest level of service to Ship Owners in global marine market. We helping with the recruitment of qualified seafarers and specialists for maritime business sectors and offer all the assistance you need to employ candidates from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other European countries, Internationally around the world wide routes.  
We are the key of the general ship work is done right from beginning and first time without mistakes, lower costs and safer operations will result. Establishing clearly understood, high-quality operating procedures leave little room for interpretation and higher levels of consistency from ship to ship. As a bonus, high-quality ship management attracts and can help keep the most talented mariners as your permanent or temporary crew, which often translates into proper maintenance on the vessel.

The key benefits that result from outsourcing SV Marine Ship Management:
•  Owner not directly required to keep abreast of latest regulatory development  
•  More experienced and better support in the event of an emergency.
•  Crew change planning sign on –off. Agent transportations, in/out of airports - meeting the crew on time as per schedule 
•  Crew list, traveling paper work, guaranty letters, visa arrangement and flight details - “if required to be done from our side”
•  Owner can focus on key business objective, ship owning  
•  Flexibility in crew headcount when fleet sizes fluctuate or company makes entry into or exits various markets  
•  Our operation company will likely represent owner’s interest in all required leading industry groups /topics and follow all instructions accordantly. 
•  Benefit of  ISM / SMS program and safety culture of  ship owner before to join the fleet Vessels or required facility as ship yard / dry dock  will be delivered with best trainings. Interactions to crew from our side to be sure that each and single crewmember will be on top of your requirements   
•  Always inheritance of a developed and well-trained crew from ratings to management level
•  Working as one team “Power of One”
•  Always providing crew PDST (Pre departure safety training) as per company owner regulations before to live country / traveling to the ship our team will be on top of Owner and ship requirements with introductions
•  Our office has daily upcoming and updated crew data base,  it is over 23,000 of qualified crew members. Also we keep maintains standby list of officers and ratings crew ready for work ASAP. We can arrange whole crews for any type of vessels in short notice
•  Our Team always will be ready for traveling as per Ship Owner Company request to Ship Owner main office destinations (If required) for any weekly, monthly, annual meetings and general instructions in 48 hours notice.

Types of vessels managed by our crewmembers

    Passenger/Ferry/Cruise Line Fleet 
    Tankers (product/crude)  
    Tankers (gas/chemical/special)  
    Bulkers (incl. obo/combination) 
    General Cargo Fleet
    Container Fleet
    Ro-Ro 
    Vehicle Carriers    
    Coastal Fleet
    Reefers Fleet
    Offshore Fleet (Non DP, DP1, DP2, DP3)
    Harbour Fleet / Tugs and Barges 
    Ship yard / Dry dock marine workers

We are supporting all seafarers to organize and guided crew to all required marine courses with our different companions as training centers in training of sea-going personnel according to requirements of International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers (STCW 78/95) as per 2010 STCW Manila amendments certificates of competency.  Training and upgrading of officers / ratings -to make sure their certificate is valid for service on certain types of ships after 31 December 2016.  At present The Seafarers Odessa Ukrainian Training Centers is a unique technically equipped centers in the Black Seas region of Ukraine in Odessa city which can provide up-to-date, high quality training of seafarers in compliance with national, STCW Convention and other international flag state documents requirements as per ship owner, IMO requirements and regulations.

Each employee from our hands undergoes extensive screening and selection before being assigned on board any vessels of our principals. This process is outlined below:
•    Initial interview, licenses and sea-going certificates check,
•    References check with previous employer companies, verification of previous sea-going experience;
•    Detailed interview in our office. As the company's staff consists of highly qualified marine-university graduated specialists including former professional seamen with good fleet experience and familiar with ISO/ISM code requirements we are able to check every seafarer ourselves.
•    Pre-joining medical examination including Drug/Alcohol tests ,HIV, Liver...etc.
•    All our candidates also passing through all necessary training programs and professional examinations face to face with experienced Master and our team, also on computer test "CES " and English language test "Marlins" in the house-training center of our office. Results of the above independent tests we send to our clients for selection of the suitable candidates.

Our goal is to provide the best service to our principals covering any specific qualifications and crewing requirements. The main principals of the company are the flexible method of approach to the clients and very strict policy in the field of the observing quality request. This allows us to be the “right executive marine practice fit” for virtually any vessel fleet or company while providing maximum benefits to all involved parties.  Those who partner with Sea View Marine Ship Management receive dedicated commercial managers and a specialized staff tailored to their needs. We are the part of “World Ocean Waters” which spend real practice at sea - working on the vessels and got experience from years of view in seagoing sector management and general organization. Due to this reason we are fully responsible for the crew recruited by our company and ready to provide you with our best seafarers and best service.