Dry Dock / Ship Yard / Riding Team

Sea View Marine Ship Management, LLC offers a wide, complete range of technical services, marine consultancy and other maritime developments, always meeting each client’s individual needs.

We would like kindly to introduce our organization not only with regular ship crew, in our hands always is available on request "our company" Dry Dock / Ship Yard – Riding Team as riding squads / spray painting /sand-blasting / hydro blasting / welding and etc., operations. We have available at any time of your needs highly motivated and experienced team able to work with various types of equipment.

Our in - house policy of preventive maintenance and performance monitoring is part of our overall strategy of keeping off-hires to a minimum and reducing the time and costs of dry-dock and keep client fleet underway at maximum time with good and safe operations is our top priority. In order to accomplish this policy, we include in our budget the extra cost of riding squads. Our top goal is to carry out the majority of routine repairs and necessary upgrading works on board the ship without interruption of the vessel’s normal trading when fleet / vessels during voyage operations.

All team members with required valid Maritime documents, certificates and valid ILO/MLC Medical examination certificates. Senior Team Leader of each team will control job done with reporting to our main office and ship owner or on board representatives as Master or Superintendent.

Our SeaView-Marine teams are ready to fulfill projects for painting exteriors and interiors accommodations and ship hull. Also performing painting works with rope climbers for hard to reach areas. The professional teams personal have experience over 25 years in ship yard / dry docks and on board of vessel when underway to perform required great operations in shipping industry. Our team has worked in different European (Poland, Baltic States, Czech and etc.) and Ukrainian shipyards. The level of knowledge of English language allows our team to work with foreign crews abroad, what makes easier for shipping companies to find professionals to our level of ship repair and structure with guaranty complete job on time. Our team normal working day is 10 - 12 hours per day, depends of owner requirements and contract with possibility to swap working scope in 24 hours in two teams with non-stop. 

Shipbuilding, Sand blasting, Painting of the ship sections.

Ship repair, ballast, deck, and hull.

Painting and sandblasting at extremely heights

Repair of the sea's Dry Dock

Build bridges, sand blasting, painting

The shot blasting, painting, varnishing, trains

Hydro ultra-high pressure cleaning, inside and out

Coating condition inspection

Reporting of coating condition

Recommendations for repair

Reporting with photos

Hydro blasting and cleaning holds.

Chemical cleaning of holds on bulk carrier

— Hull motorized cleaning from foul

— hi-pressure water cleaning (from 350 bar and over 2500 bar)

— sandblasting class Sa-1, Sa-2, Sa-2.5

— cleaning by motorized tools

— cleaning of ballast and cargo tanks and holds

Some of the below details of work we produced:

Our team performed work of hydro-blasting at m/v “Beccaria” from April till July 2015 year.

We painted holds with the help of airless spray machine. We carried out work on cleaning and painting of the hull (the external part), the mast, the smoke pipe using climber equipment.

On the tanker (Oil Tanker) "ELBTANK DENMARK"- DWT-40.000 t in 3 months of the requested by owner course / during vessel voyage underway was made as per agreement 6 ballast tanks and after-peak: cleaning mud (dirt) by hydro-blasting 1100 bar. SA-2 - 60%. Painting - 60%. Hydro-blasting and painting of the main deck - 50%

On the tanker SCF MT  KUBAN  DWT-106.000t in the course of the vessel in 10 days was removed 50 tons of cargo residues petroleum and was (Tuzla) Turkish. Our team during 1.5 months cleaned out and painted 5 ballast tanks -20%. Main pipes (cleaning 40%) painting 100%. 2 masts. Superstructure, sloop-beam, smoke-pipe, 3 catheads. All air valve of ballast tanks.

On the tanker “SCF Tanker MT URAL" We removed oil -oil fuel from cargo tanks in an amount of 55-60 m3.

Our team workers had experience and worked permanently with Greek company of Cruise fleet, bulkers, tankers, ro-ro and etc., as a painter-sandblasting and hydro-blasting the ballast tanks followed by painting with required component paint s per requirements.

For surface cleaning we use rented hydro-blasting equipment (or required equipment can be arranged by hip owners) that allows to make cleaning for desirable condition and to prepare surface for painting as it is required by technology. Hydro-blasting is an extremely effective method for cleaning large surfaces, heat transfer equipment, tanks and vessels, pipes and process equipment. Hydro-blasting is quick and clean, and because it utilizes water, you don’t pay extra for materials such as sand or other aggregate.

From our side we prepare full list of needed equipment for cleaning and painting works. Making paint materials calculations and coordinate it all with the owner. Therefore, our practice shows that budget for doing paint jobs while vessel is traveling is a lot lower than doing it in the Dry Dock.

We can do the work done during voyages and by this we can eliminate downtime for the vessel and by that reduce the general costs to feet ship owner really as guaranty with low in general calculation of fees.

According to above mentioned before, we always ready for your needs on request to be your good employment with long terms opportunities in your shipping company for the available groups of workers with Team Leaders of groups 5 to 10 persons (depends of working project scope) professional ship painter-blasters and riding dry dock experienced marine / ship yard workers with tons of years in professional experience.

Our Professional team not only ship painters, we also worked on the chemical and metallurgical plants, sand blasting and painting racks, pipelines in offshore oil platforms / rigs and on shore, at an altitude reservoir, tanks, building bridges, metal constructions, many team workers previously was doing job on scope of projects in atomic icebreakers, trains, tankers, bulk carriers, Ro-Ro, etc. We are universal marine seagoing and shore-based projects team.

We are ready for short and long-term cooperation with you and your company. You could send us please your conditions and offers first for review and finally if both parties agree on below-approved conditions with following contracts, we will be happy to work with you all years around to be your good representatives and extra hands on your needs!

The international character of Sea View Marine Ship Management will have well-organized general view /representations abroad. We proud to become useful for your organization, looking and available to your interests at 24/7 and can be reached all year around. We are looking forward to hearing from you and waiting for any proposals with short or long range projects. In order to have possibility cooperate with you, from our side we will be always adjustable in professional way for anything that required to complete orders in a time of required frame with final successful safe operations.